Inbound Control

Defeating all forms of attack

Reblaze shields your data and web assets by protecting them within a unique private cloud, isolating them from Internet threats.

Instead of going directly to the web site, traffic is routed to Reblaze’s hardened Security Gateways, which are deployed around the world. Legitimate traffic is allowed to pass through the Gateways to the web site, while hostile traffic is blocked. All hostile traffic is excluded from your sites, apps, and services.

Intelligent DNS Threat feed

What domain names map to "this" IP address, now and in the past? When was "this" name first used and by whom? What domain names share this same MX record?

Farsight provides intelligent DNS feeds. At the core of their offering is their proprietary global Internet sensor array.

Farsight’s sensors, which are placed at strategic observation points around the world, are in production networks at Internet service providers (ISPs), Internet exchanges, Internet cloud service operators, prominent social networks, universities, and large corporations.

PoliWall Security Platform

The PoliWall in-line appliance reduces noise at the network perimeter, decreasing workloads of systems deeper inside the network, making routers, firewalls, and IPS/IDS more effective.

Firewalls are overwhelmed with the amount of threats hitting the network. Of the 10 million IP threats identified at any given moment globally, firewalls can only process 50-100 thousand of those threats before the network is slowed down–choked. PoliWall processes over 100 million IP threats from multiple sources ahead of the firewall, dropping up to 90% of threats before they hit the firewall.

End Point Privilege Manager

CyberArk End Point Privilege Manager is a solution enabling organisations to implement least privilege control on the endpoint.

Enforce privilege security on the end point without the negative impact of removing local administrator rights.

Local administrator rights create a large and frequently exploited attack surface, yet many organizations struggle with how to most effectively address this risk.

Secure Email Gateway

Anyone pretending email is not a major attack vector for ransomware and theft in Australia today is living with a tea cosy on their head.

The product formerly known as MailMarshal remains Australia’s premium tool for protecting email gateways.

Suggestions of the demise of email have been hugely exaggerated. It remains the top communications tool for business world wide. Rather than fade into a reliable and safe ubiquity email attacks on Australian businesses continue to grow and evolve with social engineering attacks and ransomware.

Security Information & Event Management

Detect, Prioritise & Manage Incidents with One SIEM Solution.

WebSecure installs and supports Intel Security’s SIEM Solution.

Intel Security’s high-performance, powerful security information and event management (SIEM) solution brings event, threat, and risk data together to provide strong security intelligence, rapid incident response, seamless log management, and compliance reporting—delivering the context required for adaptive security risk management.