WorkFlow and Automation Platform

FormVerse is an Enterprise platform for automating form processes in business.

FormVerse enables businesses to collect data from internal business users, external clients, partners’ and integrate that captured data into existing systems.

FormVerse is a workflow automation and data integration platform. Businesses can take costly manual processes and very quickly automate those manual processes into automated robust digital workflows.

Either hosted on premise or in the cloud the platform enables unstructured form data to be collected and quickly integrated with existing on premise systems or cloud based services.

Data can be captured via a number of Form interfaces either via corporate users using outlook and exchange, or Office 365, or even mobile platforms using a browser. Form data can be captured right inside email or web presented forms and integrated directly with core systems as part of a business workflow.

  • Deployed on premise or delivered as a hosted service.
  • Leverages Outlook or Office 365 to enable ease of participating in Form processes.
  • External and Internal participants can also interact with the Form process using mobile browsers.
  • FormVerse integration solution enables data captured from Forms to be integrated directly with third party solutions such as, and SAP.
  • Powerful workflow engine and editor allows complex multi-step approval processes to be automated with ease.
  • FormVerse leverages existing XML form creation tools for ease of form creation.

Deployed on premise or in the cloud

FormVerse can either leverage your business’s existing investment in Microsoft Outlook and exchange or integrate with your Microsoft Office 365 strategy.

FormVerse Overview

FormVerse is an Enterprise software application that is installed at your site or in the Cloud leveraging your Office 365 instance. FormVerse leverages your existing investment in Microsoft Office 365, or Outlook and Exchange, and SQL Server technologies.

It enables your staff to access and complete any form right from their email, route those forms throughout the company for action (such as approvals, denials, deferrals, recommendations, etc.), based on your business rules. All form data and other metadata is then automatically stored in the FormVerse SQL Server database that you control.

With the use of the optional FormVerse Passport software, you can integrate that data into and out of your other Enterprise applications such as ERP’s, CRM’s, HRIS, SharePoint, even Access and Excel.

If your organisation is like most, your staff spends too much time with paper, phone calls, faxes, and email attachments just to get work done. Even worse, important tasks are overlooked.

Even the largest organisations find that many processes are FAR too costly to implement using existing Business Process Automation (BPA) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

That’s why you’ll want to investigate FormVerse! FormVerse is an easy-to-use and easy-to implement Email-based forms and workflow automation software.

FormVerse delivers substantial time and cost savings by enabling automation of an organisation’s many manual business processes right within Microsoft Outlook™ and Office 365 – a system that your staff already know and many spend nearly half their day in!

Office 365 integration enables organisations that have moved to the cloud to easily automate workflow processes.

External users can participate in Form processes via mobile devices, and desktop computers.