FormVerse changes the way organisations think about forms, workflow, email and data. Their flagship product transforms existing email infrastructure into a powerful business forms and workflow automation tool.

Secure Automated Forms

FormVerse is a Secure Workflow solution that leverages your existing investment in Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 email environment to provide secure forms using email.

Whether you want to automate internal workflows or embrace automation with external parties FormVerse provides a forms processing platform that enables you to quickly and effectively automate almost any business process.

FormVerse leverages Microsoft components such as Exchange and Office 365. Installed on premise or in the cloud the platform enables you to quickly deploy workflow processes for your internal staff or external partners and contractors.

WorkFlow and Automation Platform

FormVerse is an Enterprise platform for automating form processes in business.

FormVerse enables businesses to collect data from internal business users, external clients, partners’ and integrate that captured data into existing systems.

FormVerse is a workflow automation and data integration platform. Businesses can take costly manual processes and very quickly automate those manual processes into automated robust digital workflows.

Either hosted on premise or in the cloud the platform enables unstructured form data to be collected and quickly integrated with existing on premise systems or cloud based services.