Detection, Visibility & Control

NetskopeTM is the leading cloud access security broker (CASB)

NetskopeTM is the leading cloud access security broker (CASB). With Netskope, IT can protect data and ensure compliance across cloud apps so businesses can move fast, with confidence.

NetskopeTM, the leading cloud access security broker (CASB), helps enterprises find, understand and secure sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps. Through contextual awareness and a multi-mode architecture, Netskope sees the cloud differently. This results in the deepest visibility and control, the most advanced threat protection and data loss prevention and an unmatched breadth of security policies and workflows.

Automated attack detection platform

Seculert’s solution is built upon a cloud-based architecture that combines a number of technologies to provide an automated attack detection platform.

The solution starts with Big Data collected from an organization’s firewalls and/or proxy devices, combining it with data collected across the Seculert network and proprietary data developed by Seculert’s Research Lab. Data is also collected from Seculert’s Elastic Sandbox. This data is analyzed using advanced data science to identify anomalous behavior. Seculert’s malware experts create profiles and supervised machine learning algorithms that then powers Seculert’s Automated Attack Detection Platform.

Powerful and flexible security solution

Metadefender Security Suite offers protection from known and unknown threats using data security policies that incorporate powerful multi-scanning, data sanitization and file type control.

Metadefender is a powerful and flexible security solution for ISVs, IT admins and malware researchers, providing simultaneous access to multiple anti-malware engines, heuristics, data sanitization and additional threat protection technologies residing on a single system.

Intelligent DNS Threat feed

What domain names map to "this" IP address, now and in the past? When was "this" name first used and by whom? What domain names share this same MX record?

Farsight provides intelligent DNS feeds. At the core of their offering is their proprietary global Internet sensor array.

Farsight’s sensors, which are placed at strategic observation points around the world, are in production networks at Internet service providers (ISPs), Internet exchanges, Internet cloud service operators, prominent social networks, universities, and large corporations.

PoliWall Security Platform

The PoliWall in-line appliance reduces noise at the network perimeter, decreasing workloads of systems deeper inside the network, making routers, firewalls, and IPS/IDS more effective.

Firewalls are overwhelmed with the amount of threats hitting the network. Of the 10 million IP threats identified at any given moment globally, firewalls can only process 50-100 thousand of those threats before the network is slowed down–choked. PoliWall processes over 100 million IP threats from multiple sources ahead of the firewall, dropping up to 90% of threats before they hit the firewall.

Behaviour Based Threat Detection

Securonix is a behaviour based threat prediction and detection platform.

Securonix Enterprise is a behavior-based threat prediction, detection and prevention engine that mines, enriches, analyzes, prioritizes, and transforms machine data into actionable intelligence. Using patent pending signature-less anomaly detection techniques that track user, account, and system behavior, Securonix Enterprise automatically and accurately detects the most advanced and sophisticated insider threats and cyber attacks.

End Point Privilege Manager

CyberArk End Point Privilege Manager is a solution enabling organisations to implement least privilege control on the endpoint.

Enforce privilege security on the end point without the negative impact of removing local administrator rights.

Local administrator rights create a large and frequently exploited attack surface, yet many organizations struggle with how to most effectively address this risk.

Privileged Account Security

A complete solution to protect, monitor, detect, alert, and respond to privileged account activity.

Privileged accounts represent the largest security vulnerability an organization faces today. In the hands of an external attacker or malicious insider, privileged accounts allow attackers to take full control of an organization’s IT infrastructure, disable security controls, steal confidential information, commit financial fraud and disrupt operations. Stolen, abused or misused privileged credentials are used in nearly all breaches.

Security Information & Event Management

Detect, Prioritise & Manage Incidents with One SIEM Solution.

WebSecure installs and supports Intel Security’s SIEM Solution.

Intel Security’s high-performance, powerful security information and event management (SIEM) solution brings event, threat, and risk data together to provide strong security intelligence, rapid incident response, seamless log management, and compliance reporting—delivering the context required for adaptive security risk management.