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Security – the practical means by which the right to freedom is maintained.

WebSecure Technologies is a highly specialist team focused on helping clients with security in a fast changing and dangerous digital world. We identify high calibre solutions to complex problems and work collaboratively with our clients to plan, implement and support those solutions.

We bring a quality of expertise that is both deep and wide. Deep in the sense of a knowledge of the abilities and limits of technologies and wide in the sense of a complete view of the impact of technology on an organisations goals and existing infrastructure.

We also strive to be pragmatists, understanding technology can only create tools and that sometimes the bigger challenge is getting past the tools and getting the job done. Any solution is only as good as its implementation, acceptance and on going support.

How is security in a digital world any different?

There is nothing new under the sun; fraud, theft, defamation and violence have always existed but the birth of a digital world has clothed them in new ways.

  • In a digital world, the common limits of a physical world do not largely exist.

  • In a digital world time is measured in milliseconds and the internet that connects you to an entire planet never sleeps.

  • There are no borders, customs, immigration, delivery delays or freight costs in a digital world.

  • In a digital world, so called ‘deleted data’ is recoverable and anything put on the internet can never be truly removed.

  • A hundred facial clues as to your real identity do not exist on the internet.

  • Once data is stolen in a digital world it can never be got back because what you get back is only ever a copy.

  • In the digital world the Encyclopaedia Britannica doesn’t weigh 58 kilograms and multiple copies of it take up less room than a cup of coffee.

  • In a digital world, you can’t just get a local court order to take down defamation hosted on a server in Nigeria.

  • Think of the worst place you have ever visited, where you felt distinctly threatened or not safe. That’s what you are directly connected to in a digital world.

"What is wrong is that we do not ask what is right." G.K. Chesterton

Beyond F.U.D.

Since the invention of the internet, self interested vendors have worn smooth a path called Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, (FUD). Whilst this shrill barrage has served to detail the many evils and threats to digital security it has done little to create any rational framework in which to evaluate risk.

There are many ways to talk about IT security but WebSecure has developed its own particular way, the Four Sides. It is useful because it creates clarity, uses a complete framework, scales to fit any organisational size or industry segment and is methodical.

Four Sides of Security

Four Side of Security