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Security Solutions

We create high calibre solutions to complex security problems.

  • Market Leader

    WebSecure Technologies is a market leader in Cyber Security with a highly specialised team focused on helping clients with security in a fast changing and dangerous digital world. We identify high calibre solutions to complex problems and work collaboratively with our clients to plan, implement and support those solutions.

  • Work in Partnership

    Security is more than just a product. The key to any Digital Identity engagement is to understand where the client is in the Digital Identity journey and to be able to work in partnership to help guide the customer along that journey.

  • Technically Exceptional Team

    WebSecure has been delivering complex security solutions to businesses throughout Australia since 1999. Underpinning WebSecure’s success is a technically exceptional team, with the passion, energy, knowledge and commitment to deliver superior outcomes for our clients.

  • Insightful Solutions

    As organisations move to embrace more agile business processes, to embrace Digital Transformation, and to consume multi-cloud strategies, it’s important to have an organisation as part of your team who can provide insight into the technical challenges and complexities your business is likely to face.

WebSecure are partnered with many leading Australian & New Zealand organisations

to deliver practical solutions to the complex issues of securing digital identities.


We work collaboratively to plan, implement and support solutions.

  • Risk Reduction

    There is no better approach when implementing complex solutions to achieve security risk reduction - than partnership. WebSecure believes that harnessing the strengths and abilities of all involved is the key to working collaboratively, and with a common purpose is the fundamental mandate to improving security outcomes.

  • Extensive Experience

    Projects are very often complex and require significant time investment and commitment from all levels of management. Having a team who has extensive experience; who can provide input into strategy, project governance, implementation and ongoing support once the platform is in production; is vital to the success of any security solution.

  • Leading Solutions

    Our IT Security Consultants are certified experts that have many years of knowledge and hands-on experience; with the implementation, support and maintenance of leading security solutions. Our professional service teams accelerate the deployment, upgrade, or integrate the security solution that best fits your business needs.

Implementing security solutions should support & enable positive business outcomes.

Complex and Customisable

A solution is only as good as its implementation, acceptance and on-going support.

  • Design, Architect, Prioritise

    Our Professional Services Team design, architect and prioritise the initiatives and approaches that will establish an organisation’s unique Digital Identity and Privileged Account Security program. We implement and support an array of Security Solutions that are recognised as market-leading platforms.

  • World-Class Support

    Websecure Technologies provide world-class support to protect Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted brands. 1st and 2nd level support is provided by WebSecure who have an intimate understanding of the software, architecture and components in use.

  • Implementation, Acceptance, Support

    WebSecure strive to be pragmatists, understanding technology can only create tools and that sometimes the bigger challenge is getting past the tools and getting the job done. Any solution is only as good as its implementation, acceptance and on-going support.

  • Websecure Enhanced Support

    To provide our clients a higher level of security and certainty, we offer WebSecure Enhanced Support, this provides support over and above the standard vendor maintenance, to include the “grey area”. A technical account management (TAM) person is the escalation conduit for all support related issues.

WebSecure only uses highly experienced local staff with years of experience across multiple platforms & technologies.

No support is outsourced.


We support multiple organisations & industry segments, covering many complex security issues.

  • Enterprise Environments

    Since 1999 WebSecure Technologies has partnered with many leading security solutions. Over this time we have developed a deep technical understanding of Privileged Account Security and how that translates into design and implementation of various solutions in enterprise environments across many different verticals.

  • Practical Experience

    Using our local knowledge and experience, we aim to provide you with a personal, professional and practical service experience.

    WebSecure is a multi-disciplinary IT Security firm, we provide a complete solution-based service for all of your enquiries, providing the best advice from our own staff, or indirectly from our trusted network of specialist practitioners.

  • Efficient Solutions

    As one of the leading IT Security and Risk Management consulting Specialists in Australasia, we take the time to sit down with you to fully understand your requirements without using ambiguous technical jargon. We make your business, our business and are constantly pushing to update and implement cost effective and efficient solutions to get the best results for your project.