NetMail Archive

Netmail Archive is an enterprise-class messaging archive solution that helps organizations address their current and future challenges of email archiving, retention, regulatory compliance, eDiscovery, and storage management.

Netmail Archive integrates seamlessly and transparently into your Microsoft Exchange environment, improving mail system performance, lowering storage costs, and offering robust search capabilities for legal discovery, regulatory compliance, or organizational policy enforcement.

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NetMail Platform

Preserve, Protect, and Discover Your Electronic Records

If you’re like most organizations, you receive, generate, and store growing amounts of information in your corporate email system. According to the American Records Management Association (ARMA), 90% of records created today are electronic, making your corporate email system the most important data repository in the organization.

That’s why it is important for the productivity and security of your organization that the information stored in your email system is securely archived and easily searchable, which can be particularly challenging in environments using multiple email platforms.

Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Email Archiving and eDiscovery

Netmail Archive is an email archiving and eDiscovery solution for Novell GroupWise or Microsoft Exchange Server (2003/2007/2010) that intelligently preserves your email records while dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of archiving email across your enterprise and producing email messages during eDiscovery.

  • FULL INTEROPERABILITY BETWEEN EMAIL PLATFORMS. Enables organizations to quickly archive all email, email attachments, and other electronic records from Novell GroupWise and Microsoft Exchange Server (2003/2007/2010) into a central repository.
  • POLICY-BASED EMAIL ARCHIVING. Automates the archiving of email centrally for compliance purposes, eDiscovery, and internal investigations based on people’s identities and roles within the company.
  • SIMPLIFIED EDISCOVERY WITH NETMAIL SEARCH. Allows for simultaneous searching across multiple locations for easy discovery and retrieval, featuring sub-second search results and refinements with guided navigation to let you drill down into millions of email records. By providing a central repository that is easily accessible through both web-based and stand-alone eDiscovery viewers, Netmail Archive allows you to search for email across the enterprise and easily meet legal discovery requests.
  • SEAMLESS END-USER EXPERIENCE. Offers a seamless end-user experience by providing transparent access to archived email records through Microsoft Outlook, GroupWise WebAccess, and Outlook Web App.

Key Features

Scalable Enterprise Email Risk Management Platform

Netmail Archive is designed to provide organizations with a robust solution that is scalable and fault tolerant.

  • Configured to automatically detect additional nodes and cluster together for maximum performance and uptime.
    Monitors and identifies system nodes that may be overloaded and impacting performance before redistributing the workload to better utilize system resources.

Full Interoperability between Email Platforms

Netmail Archive is an easy-to-deploy, stable, reliable solution that can be seamlessly integrated into current messaging and collaboration systems without compromising the existing stability or scalability of the environment.

  • Enables organizations to quickly archive all email, email attachments, and other electronic records from Novell GroupWise and Microsoft Exchange Server (2003/2007/2010) for compliancy purposes and the ability to quickly respond to eDiscovery requests.
  • Supports the deployment of mixed email environments for organizations where both GroupWise and Exchange co-exist.
  • Allows organizations to make a gradual transition to a new email platform as their business needs dictate.
  • Guarantees compatibility with any future messaging system by archiving into the system-independent XML file format.

Enhanced Migration Tools

  • Netmail Archive includes enhanced migration tools to help organizations migrate between email platforms.
  • Decreases the risk and complexity of email system migrations by reducing the volume of the message store prior to migration.
  • Provides organizations with the ability to provision users and distribution lists between email systems.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase third-party migration tools at a substantial one-time usage cost.

Netmail Search

Netmail Search is an advanced web-based eDiscovery tool that allows authorized users to intelligently search, retrieve, view, manage, and export their archived data in a timely and cost-effective manner. The benefit of Netmail Search lies in its advanced search features and guided navigation.

  • Advanced search features allow for word list usage, exact phrase matching, forbidden term searching, approximate spelling matching, and more!
  • Case management features allow auditors to create specific cases where search can be saved and tracked.
  • Enhanced query builder allows users to submit multiple aggregated queries.

Netmail Archive and Netmail Store

  • Netmail Archive helps administrators enforce flexible email policies without breaching privacy and freedom of information rights, while Netmail Store helps tackle the nightmare of exponentially growing volumes of electronic data.
  • Supports the storage of a single copy of any archived message attachment through Single Instance Storage to allow administrators to better control the flow and management of email attachments.
  • Frees up storage space and reduces overall storage requirements.
  • Provides a greener IT environment by lowering energy consumption, cooling requirements, data center space, and associated costs.

Seamless End-User Experience

Netmail Archive is designed to offer a seamless end-user experience.

  • Provides web-based search and administration interface, email client integration, and Outlook, Outlook Web App, and GroupWise WebAccess integration.
  • Allows end users to perform federated searches across online and archived email seamlessly with Outlook and GroupWise 8 email clients.


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