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iBac 5.0 for Windows was developed to speed up and simplify the process of backing up and recovering critical data. iBac is a disk to disk backup software that combines native format backup, drag and drop restore, file level de-duplication and consistent point in time backups of Windows databases into one easy to use software package.

Its scalability, performance, and reliability make it an ideal backup solution for every type of business from SMB’s to the most demanding enterprise environments.

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The iBac Difference

Imagine if each day you could parse every file in the enterprise and only back up the data that had changed since the previous backup with the end result still being a full backup of all your data. This would save enormous amounts of time compared to the traditional backup method that involves backing up entire files, databases and objects each time a backup is run regardless of whether they had changed.

iBac 5.0 for Windows introduces a new medium for data protection and retention that logically addresses the process of backing up mission critical data.

  • Native format backup - Rather than putting data into a proprietary format, iBac completes a high speed copy of data in its native format so that the backup media is identical to the data found on the production server.
  • Always full backup - In an ideal scenario, everyone would only run full backups to simplify the process of restoring data when needed. iBac makes this a reality by eliminating separate incremental backup jobs. Once an initial backup job has been completed ,iBac will only backup the changes since the last backup was run. iBac gives you the option to merge those changes into the last full backup or use BVM to store the versions alongside the last full.
  • Lightning fast restores - Administrators and users can quickly access backup data at the file level and restore data in mere seconds. Because iBac keeps data in its native format, files can be restored by name or instantly accessed on the backup server without requiring a restore. Imagine if you could just redirect your users to your backup data as opposed to restoring your data before it can be used.
  • Unique DR Capabilities - iBac allows backup administrators to failover servers to the backup server temporarily until the production server is fixed. The backup server actually assumes the role of the down server and takes it place until the server has been restored to production capabilities.
  • Database and Open file backup - Unlike other backup software where multiple agents are required to backup an entire system (example - SQL and Exchange), iBac only requires the Open file optional license to backup both databases and open files.


  • iBac 5.0 - Datasheet (PDF 568 KB)
    A summary of iBac 5.0 Software does, how it works, features and benefits.
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