Security Information Event Management


McAfee SEIM formerly NitroView Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) is the industry’s only Content-Aware SIEM. That means McAfee SEIM can collect, analyze and report on the contents of application data, derived through direct monitoring using McAfee SEIM Application Data Monitor, or from third party application inspection and data monitoring solutions.

McAfee SEIM ESM is an enterprise-class security information and event management system that identifies, correlates, and remediates threats faster than any other SIEM on the market.

  • Report on Months of data in under 10 seconds
  • Support from 1,000 to 600,000 events per second on a single appliance
  • Scale even further—simply add new appliances
  • Security management needs continue to push the limits of security information management platforms, requiring massive scalability, broad and deep visibility into business and IT systems, and blazing analytical performance.

To accommodate these needs, next-generation security management must be built upon a foundation of performance and scalability, allowing security and compliance professionals to collect, store, analyze, and act upon risks and threats—quickly, easily and accurately.
Content-Aware SIEM allows you to answer more questions that are relevant to your security and compliance efforts, such as:

  • Enforce corporate policies for application and data use
  • Monitor and log access to and use of sensitive data
  • Detect data loss and fraud
  • Detect data loss and fraud

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