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Some of what is passed off as research in our industry just makes me laugh, and often a good laugh is all it’s good for. I seem to recall years ago a backup company doing the rounds suggesting if your organisation suffered data loss there was an 80% chance you would then go bankrupt within two years. An event that seems about as likely as Donald Trump changing his haircut.

I always assume this kind of marketing dressed as research is paid for by vendors, who decide what the results will say well before any so called ‘research’ takes place. Occasionally independent research does take place. It is, of course for the PR of those who do it — but sometimes the result is startling or ground breaking. Two good examples are the firewall research done by NSS Labs and the AV research done by last year Cyveillance.

So here’s a piece of research from the Ponemon Institute suggesting the state of security in cloud providers. I can’t find the original paper on their web site, but here is a link to the Computerworld story that quotes some statistics from that paper.

Making up the majority downside, things like:
The majority don’t have any dedicated security staff..
Most do not consider security an important responsibility..
Over half do not believe the products protect or secure sensitive information..
Least confidence went to their ability to authenticate accurately..

Although on the up side:
80% believe they could handle a virus infection..
71% were confident they secure data in motion..

So in summary they feel some confident in SSL encryption and AV vendors, although even then one in five or more aren’t really comfortable to stick their neck out that far! But they are pretty certain they can’t ensure it’s really you logging on and don’t have any staff to monitor that anyway. It’s only a short article so worth a read.

Posted by Carlton Duston on 3 May 2011
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